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Hi, I’m Rohith Sringeri, the Founder of Maysons. My journey into the world of architecture and design has been a long one; one that has traversed the globe and returned to base, to a region that I belong to and feel deeply for.

The Inspiration Behind Maysons

Over the years, while designing spaces for my clients, I often wondered how I could weave emotional and physical well-being into four walls of brick-and-mortar. This was rooted in a belief that any built environment, when thoughtfully designed, can have a positive impact on its inhabitants. And this particularly applies to the urban centres we live in.  Our cities are often noisy, polluted, and stressful, and these external factors can take a toll on our behaviour and energy levels. I wondered how we could design environments that soften these negative influences and instead, nurture a sense of calm, inspiration, and rejuvenation.

At one of my site visits, a few hours from Bengaluru and very near my hometown Chikmangalur, I stumbled upon a quaint house at the edge of town. This particular property was surrounded by greenery, had massive windows that filled the interior with light and air.  A wonderful space that was not limited by its four walls, but in fact blended into its environment with ease. That sparked an idea; an idea that could be informed by science, psychology and of course the nature that surrounds us.  

This belief has been the cornerstone of Maysons and our approach to creating spaces that are not just functional, but also enhance well-being, creativity, and productivity of the people who choose these environments. This multidisciplinary approach, that sits at intersection of architecture, behavioural psychology, neuroscience and nature, became the foundation of Maysons.

The Science of Well-Being

At Maysons, our foundation is built on the belief that architecture transcends mere construction. It’s an intricate dance of a myriad of factors that can be intrinsic and extrinsic. From indoor air quality, natural light, and acoustics that are intrinsic to the subtle influences of extrinsic factors like colours, textures, volumes and biophilic design, every element is meticulously considered to create spaces that not only serve their purpose but also inspire those who occupy them.

A concept that particularly fascinates me is sacred geometry – the idea that certain geometric proportions and patterns can create a sense of harmony and balance. By fusing these principles, we aim to design spaces that not only look good but feel inherently right.

Beyond Well-Being: Inspiring Spaces

Inspiration can come from unexpected sources, and for me, it was the portrayal of Steve Jobs in his biopic. The way he envisioned products – not just as objects but as catalysts for exploration and inspiration – resonated with me. At Maysons, we strive to emulate that philosophy. Our designs aim to be more than functional; they should move people, stir their curiosity, and encourage them to explore beyond their boundaries.

For us, this means creating environments that are not just functional and healthy but also aesthetically compelling and innovative. We use a mix of local, earthy materials and modern, contemporary ones to create unique, balanced spaces. This blend of the traditional and the contemporary gives our projects a distinctive edge.

Our Journey and Future Goals

Our journey at Maysons is a constant exploration. We relentlessly push the boundaries of design, seeking new ways to elevate the user experience. Our ultimate goal is to craft spaces that not only nurture well-being and productivity but also inspire and excite. We are constantly investing in research and development, exploring new materials and technologies to keep our designs at the forefront of the industry.

In our future endeavours, we aim to invest even more in research and development. We want to explore new materials and technologies, and innovate in ways that keep our designs at the forefront of the industry. Our mission is to create spaces that are not only sleek and modern but also warm and inviting, a true reflection of our commitment to excellence and innovation.

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